The store is where you can buy GoldGoldWhite for real money, and wellness packs for gold.

Purchasing goldEdit

There are six offers:

  • GoldWhite 1G for €1
  • GoldWhite 3G for €2
  • GoldWhite 10G for €5
  • GoldWhite 30G for €13
  • GoldWhite 75G for €30
  • GoldWhite 100G for €35

Purchasing gold

Wellness packEdit

One of the ways to regenerate wellness is by opening wellness packs. Cost of one wellness pack is 2 Gold GoldWhite. You can use 15 wellness packs per day. You receive 10 wellness points from one wellness pack.

Using a wellness pack Edit

In order to consume wellness pack go to Extra -> Store and click button WP

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