Politicians are the people that make decisions in the country like change taxes or declare war. Politics tab on the Country stats displays the political statistics for the country. Politics usually consist of 3 different groups which are elected every 30 days.

  • President
  • Congress
  • Party President

Presidential CabinetEdit

President that wins an election choose he's own presidential cabinet. This section shows the country's Government avatar and user name. There are 4 different spots in cabinet and the President itself which is:

  • Vice President: Can propose everything (including Attacking new region & retreat battles)
  • Minister of Defense: Can propose the following: MPP; Propose Peace; Declare War; Attack new region
  • Minister of Economy: Can propose the following: Buy Construction; Donation; Minimum Wage; Change Taxes; Change Citizen fee; Issue Money
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Can propose the following:MPP; Trade Embargo;

Cabinet only has 1 vote per law, that vote is practised ONLY by Country President.

Their task is to help the president in their different areas.

Members of the cabinet cannot be members of the Congress.


The congress section shows the list of parties that have members of Congress. For each party, the following is displayed:

  • Party name
  • Percentage of Congress seats taken by the party
  • Number of Congress Members, shown as green icons.

Congress are elected every 30 days, people in a party can apply for congress election and become electable when party president make them official. The number of congressmen in each region is currently 2 from each party. The congressmen can start different votes and got one vote each, same as president. They can accept citizenships to the country and start vote currently about following:

Party PresidentEdit

Party president has the important role to make people that apply for President election or Congress election in the party official, which mean electable since you can't get elected unless made official candidate by the current party president in the party.

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