A country's government is made up of its elected president and congressmen, and appointed ministers. The government enacts laws that adjust a country's taxes, finances, trade, regional construction and diplomatic status with other countries. Although not a game feature, a country's government often also take a proactive role in other elements of a country's operation, such as community organisation.

President electPresidentEdit

The president of a country is elected by all citizens of that country. Only citizens with level 10 or more can candidate for president. Congress can impeach the president, if a 66% majority vote is achieved. Presidents may propose and vote on laws.


The president can assign the following ministers:

  • Vice President
  • Minister of Defence
  • Minister of Economy
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs

These positions have no special in-game powers.

Presidential electionsEdit

Presidential elections are held on the 5th of each month. One citizen per party can candidate for presidential election each month.

Congress electCongressEdit

Congress is the legislative body of a country. Elected congressmen can propose and vote on national laws, and approve citizenship requests. (NB: Congressmen can only propose two laws per term in office.)

Congress seatsEdit

The number of congress seats is defined by the formula:

((number of regions *2) + (0.05 * country population))

If the number of regions is less than 5 the formula will be:

(10 + (0.05 * country population))

The maximum number of total national seats is 60, and the minimum number or seats per region is 2.

Congressional electionsEdit

Congressional elections are held on the 25th of each month. The leader of a party must confirm candidates as official to appear on the ballot.


  • Congressmen can only propose 2 laws per term in office, whilst presidents may propose infinite laws.
  • When proposing a law, a debate link can be assigned by the proposing citizen.
  • Only one type of law (e.g. minimum wage change) may be proposed & voted on at any one time.
  • Laws are passed by simple majority (50% + 1), except the President Impeachment law which requires a 66% supermajority.
  • Legislative votes last 24 hours.

Presidential lawsEdit

These are laws only proposable by the president of a country:

Buyconstruction Declared war
  • Declare war
    Declaring a war is paid with gold from treasury, but the population of the two countries affect the final cost. When a war is declared, president can decide to attack the country.
Law proposal
  • Trade embargo
    Propose trade embargo with another country. If the vote passes, the two countries can't trade with each other for 30 days thus making export licenses useless.

Congressional lawsEdit

These are laws proposable by the president and also by any congressman:

Alliance Welcome message
  • Welcome Message
    New citizens will receive this message, which contains useful information that will help them get started.
Taxes Issue money
  • Issue money
    Propose Issue money. The amount of country currency will be donated to country treasure. 1 currency cost 0.005 gold.
Law proposal
  • Citizen Fee
    Citizen Fee is amount of currency automatically donated from a country treasury to a new citizen.
Minimal wage
  • Minimum Wage
    Propose minimum salary that can be set as a job offer.
Law proposal
  • Impeach President
    Remove the president from his position. Requires a 66% majority to pass. The second candidate with most votes on Presidential elections takes over the country.
Law proposal
  • Donate
    Transfers funds from the country treasury to a specified account.