Food is an important source of daily wellness gain and can be purchase on the Market. You can also gain wellness from juice and Wellness Pack.

Qualities Edit

The table below shows how many wellness you can recover with the different qualities of food.

Q1 Food Q2 Food Q3 Food Q4 Food Q5 Food
1 2 3 4 5

Using Edit

Food is auto consumed at day change (DC). On DC the highest quality of food in your inventory is consumed and the wellness corresponding to the quality is restored. Note that if you don't have food you will lose 5 wellness.

Manufacturing Edit

  • Grain is the raw from which food is made.
  • Each unit of food requires 1 unit of grain per quality of the company. A Q1 food company requires 1 grain per unit of food manufactured. A Q5 food company requires 5 units of grain per food.
  • Each unit of food requires 2 production units. Refer Productivity Formula to determine the production units produced by a worker.