Battle is a open conflict between 2 countries that share border. War needs to be declared by the president in order to gain the ability of attacking a region. President, vice President and Minister of Defence can attack a new region. One battle lasts for 24 hours. Allies of a certain country can participate in a battle only if the Mutual Protection Pact is activated. Every side has one battle hero. When the battle finishes they will receive a battle hero medal and 5 gold.



1. Battle id

2. Battle location

3. Battle hero of the attacking side

4. Battle hero of the defending side

5. Timer

6. Result

7. Battle stats¸

8. Wall

9. Recent attackers

10. Recent defenders


Every battle starts with a different wall value. Wall value can be increased with a Defense system. Battle is won by the attacker only if wall value is negative.

Wall value =  Wall value = 100 * Population