Army is similar to an Organisation but it is more expensive and it is for military purposes.

Join Army Edit

If you want to join army go to My Places -> Army. Then choose army from the list and click. You must be accepted by the army leader to become a member. When you join army it will be presented under military career on your profile.


Creating Army Edit

If you want your own army you can create one. You need 40 Gold GoldWhite to create an Army. In order to create an Army you have to click on My Places -> Army -> Create Army.



On the respective page you will have to write the Name of your Army and after you have done that just press Create button.

Utility Edit

To switch to Army go to army profile and click switch Switch

  • Armies can have companies and newspaper. They have a changeable citizenship and can move around the world. Can use market, monetary market and companies for sale. Can make and receive donations.
  • Difference from organisation is that Army must have leader. Army leader can appoint a new army leader or promote members to Vice leader and Squad leader.The leader can accept new members to the army but he can also kick them out of the army. Armies can have squads and squad leaders and they can set battle orders to each squad. There is also an Army tab in shouts where you can get important information about battles. Army can change name.